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A Purpose Greater Than Sorrow

About A Purpose Greater Than Sorrow

How I faced multiple challenges of abuse – sexual, physical and verbal – then used these life experiences to help educate others to realize they are not alone. I realized how important it is to speak out about violence and give others the support and the voice they so yearn for. I suffered sexual assault at the hands of my uncle at the tender age of 14. After informing my parents about the abuse, I was then sent to a private boarding school to deal with the internal pain – alone. My first husband was an abusive alcoholic. During my divorce, I learned I was pregnant. Later I was involved with another abusive man who was charged with Aggravated Child Abuse. The odds seemed against her… I have helped prevent violence by educating students on various violence prevention topics, as well as speaking at local colleges and universities. I am also known for emergency advocacy in the hospitals and police stations for the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. You may also find me at conferences speaking on topics such as, “Domestic Abuse Victims – Why Do they Stay”. Soon read how I found the light and the courage to continue each day to free myself from the internal torture and evolved into a survivor, advocate, educator, speaker, and learned to live a joyful life.

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