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Diann Diaz is a uniquely qualified survivor helping audiences to understand domestic violence and sexual assault. While providing speaking engagements to help promote healthy relationships, educating on topics such as domestic violence and sexual assault, learning about perpetrators, help end the stigma of the victim, and promoting support resources in the community, the audience will walk away knowledgeable and realize becoming a survivor of abuse takes not only strength but courage. 

Domestic Violence Victims – Why Do They Stay?

This workshop gives an understanding, from the point of view of a survivor, of why many victims of domestic violence stay with their abusers. Professionals can learn techniques on how to respond to victims and to help victims become survivors.

Life After Trauma – Secondary Survivors

Gain an understanding of what the victims have gone through during their abuse. Abuse affects more than just the victim; it touches the community at large. In fact, secondary survivors – those people close to the survivor – may experience personality changes, depression, and emotions related to the trauma.  As a secondary survivor of abuse, learn how to be supportive and how to take care of your own feelings.

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